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The physical body is constantly interacting with the environment around us. It is taking in, processing and detoxing toxins everyday. When the body has too many toxins, it starts to accumulate them in vital organs. 

We are going to take a deep dive into these organs and toxins and how they are influencing our fertility. 
The next body we are going to focus on is the mental-emotional body. It is the body that directly changes our physiology based on our flitting emotions & belief systems. 

We are going to introduce to the subconscious mind and why the power too fertility is just beyond.
The last body we are going to focus on is the spiritual body. It is our connection to our journey, our connection to mindfulness and the lessons that are found within it. 

The is the body of intuition. That gut feeling that tells you "this is good" or "this isn't good".  We are going to talk about what intuition is and how you can use it for fertility. 
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Hi, My name is Melanie and I am passionate about helping women find the tools they need to create the family they've been dreaming of. Through education I help women restore faith in their journey, while integrating deep healing on the mental-emotional and physical level.

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  • Benefit: Our courses are delivered immediately. You receive instant access to all video lectures, workbooks and course material available.
  • Feature: Each course comes with 1:1 coaching that allows you to integrate the material and then apply it on a physical level. This tailored approach offers empowerment in your journey, but also the accountability and support you need to move forward. Team work, makes the dream work.
  • What Makes Us Different: You won't find this approach anywhere else; that is a 100% guarantee. The course itself is uniquely created to highlight limitations in fertility that haven't seen much attention, and why they are important for origin healing. We provide a wide range of information but most importantly integrate all aspects of healing (physical, mental/emotional and spiritual) planes. 
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